Clearly a student's life is not always financially simple, all the more so if you study abroad.
But do not worry! Working in France while studying abroad is definitely possible.
The student must be registered in a school that entitles him/her to the French Student Social Security Care (language school or college ), and hold a residence permit, it's as simple as that!

French legislation allows you to work for a maximum of 964 hours per year. (60 % of the average legal work time in France).

You will need an APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail) or temporary work authorization in order to practice a paid professional activity. This APT is financed by your future employer.
If you are a European citizen, you are automatically entitled to work in France.


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Hello Study is there precisely to help you through these administrative procedures and assist you in your job research.
You will find all our services concerning the employment research in our services pages.

Information to work in France.

Once your administrative procedures are done , you will have to ask yourself the right questions about your motivation and your professional skills, and see if these can apply to the reality of the French market.
You should also be well- informed about the life in France in general. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about all this!
In order to help you in your inquiries, here are some French websites that we advise you to visit to help you find work :

In France, employer-employee relationships are very formal and organized into a hierarchy.
It is therefore important for you to fit into this type of culture as much as you can if you are not used to it. It logically ensues that job interviews are also very formal - so take care of your looks! Your appearance must be appropriate and well -adapted.
In order to get these interviews, you should clearly and comprehensibly voice your professional training and experience related to the job you are applying for. Hello Study will help you in this matter.


French employers very often require motivation letters with your resume.

Make sure to detail your motivation in this letter for the job you are applying, and also show what you know about the company (without overdoing it of course!). Once again, we are there to assist you.


You will find all our services concerning the employment research in our services pages.