Now that globalization is taking place all over the world there is a steadily growing number of people who eagerly wish to discover, study overseas, explore the astounding variety of cultures that today's world can offer and immerse themselves into it.

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Furthermore, the easy access to international travel through the decreasing costs of transport, along with the free movement of people in Europe (within the borderless Schengen space) - and the increasing purchasing power in developing countries - are instrumental in enabling more and more people to discover the different world cultures as well as study overseas.

It seems therefore that we should take a closer interest in the country of France, the French art of living and expertise in the fields of gastronomy, architecture, fashion, its history, its language and the diversity of its landscapes, all this adds up to an endearing attractivity for foreigners. 
Moreover, Paris, our capital, is the most visited city in the world with 16 million foreign tourists in 2013.

This tourist booming of foreigners who want to discover France is thus an opportunity to create an international service agency, catering to anyone who wishes to travel, learn French in France, study overseas and find fulfilment in France. 

Some local help would therefore favor optimal conditions for their trip. Indeed, setting foot for the first time in a country in which everything is new and different, and finding one's way through all the administrative and insertion procedures can prove to be challenging.

Hence our agency will suggest a series of french immersion courses adapted to your project with our french language school partners in the French territory, along with a list of services corresponding to your needs.

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Study overseas : The advantages for taking your french immersion courses through our agency :

  • suitable personalization for a better follow-up
  • better support
  • assistance with administrative procedures