Hello Study France provides you with all necessary services for a successful linguistic stay and make the best of your french courses in France. Indeed by joining the Hello study Club we will effectively assist you in conceiving and carrying out your trip.

Our services are free for any enrolment in a language school. The payable subscription is only for the whole services package without any enrolment in school.


Participation in the Hello Study Club will bring the following services at your disposal :


VISA : There are several types of VISA - it's always hard to select the right one. We will therefore help you to choose the VISA best suited to your project, and assist you through the procedures to obtain it.

CLASSES : Choose among a variety of different types of classes which one suits you best, such as general purpose French courses in France, professional French, business French, and gastronomy French...

=> Hello Study can also offer you great preferential rates for any courses you will take with our french language school partners !

CREDIT CARD : Opening a bank account is a vital step for long-term stays and will facilitate the achievement of your goals.
We will help you out for all the administrative procedures to set up your bank account.

TEL : Opening a telephone line is necessary for organizing yourself and communicating in the host country.

INSURANCE : Register in "name of insurance" if you are a student.

WORK : We will assist you in elaborating your professional project and guide you through the administrative procedures.

  • obtaining the APT (temporary work authorisation)
  • help you write your CV
  • help you produce the support letter for a job application

EVENT : Come and join in our Hello Study Events for outings, celebrations or seminars, and meet new people and our community.

HOUSING : We will help you find accomodation suited to your needs and your budget.

=> And a lot of tips about life in France !


AIRPORT PICKUP : We come and pick you up at the airport (only in Paris) and take you to your place.


For more information please contact us