An official guarantee

The French foreign language quality label is the result of a quality insuring procedure agreed upon by three French State Departments : Department of State for National Education, Secondary Education and Research, the Department of State for Culture and Communication and the Department of State for Foreign Affairs and International Development, all members of the inter- state-department labelization commission in charge of attributing the label.

The goals of this label

The French foreign language quality label was created by decree in 2007 in order to identify, recognize and promote the French foreign language centers whose linguistic offers and services present sufficient quality guarantees.

It is meant to set up a quality insurance process that the publics can trust, help diplomatic posts and French institution networks and French alliances abroad to prescribe a trustworthy service of French classes to meet the demand, according to the needs of the public and the profile of the students.

It is also meant to assist these centers in gradually improving quality service developments, whether these centers are seeking to be labelised or not, insofar as all the tools are available for self-evaluation.

The public aimed at

Any language center settled in the French territory teaching French to foreigners, liable to meet a set of objective requirements, can be deemed to receive the French foreign language quality label, whatever the legal status : state, private or associative.

In order to qualify for labelization, the center must meet the receivability requirements.

The State commitments

Through this quality insurance process, the State is committed to recognize by way of a label the service quality of French centers, and to promote the labelized centers throughout the French network of diplomatic posts, institutes and French Alliances.

The State is also committed to spreading information about the label, using it as a tool of promotion for the French language within the scope of student and professionnal mobility.

  • History of the label

  • Area of activity and authorization

  • Legal texts


Area of activity

The area of activity of the label covers :

  • French language training and classes, excluding the training of teachers and activity leaders.

  • An associated service offer covering Classes of French as a foreign language, such as reception, facilities, equipment, and management.

Frame of Reference

The label is granted on the basis of a frame of reference which comprises the 5 following areas :

  • Training, teaching

The training in French as a foreign language offered by the center aims at meeting the linguistic needs of the students, and are based on the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages( CECRL) and detailed resumes. The classes preparation and organization comply with the CECRL and the resumes.
Students evaluate their training and are associated with the process of improving quality so as to maximize learning opportunities.
At the end of their training or classes students receive a certificate proving their level of proficiency according to the CECRL.

  • Teachers

The center employs a qualified and skilled staff. Allowing it to offer and ensure different types of quality trainings. The teachers of the center are hired following a precise and appropriate procedure.
Team spirit as well as participating evaluation are stimulated searching for perpetual improvement.

  • Reception and assistance

Students or trainees receive all the necessary information to choose a center corresponding to their needs.
So as to facilitate their immersion in the center and in a new environment the center offers a warm welcoming, a variety of activities and assistance with lodging.

  • Facilities, security, equipments

Facilities and equipment allow students as well as the staff to work in the best conditions. Students benefit from a positive environment for their learning and a pleasant stay. Inside, the facilities are pleasant and comply with up- to- date legal safety regulations.
The center puts good quality equipment at their disposal, and regularly attends to the maintenance of the equipment and the facilities.

  • Management

A document clearly depicting the strategic objective aims and finalities of the institution, a strategic plan of its development, a commitment on promoting and upholding the quality and the professional code of ethics, is distributed among the personnel.
A charter or apprenticeship contract is brought to the attention of the users of the center.

Label granting

The label is granted after approval of the inter-state-department labelization commission for a duration of 4 years. It may however be granted for shorter periods, accompanied with recommendations enabling the concerned center to apply for a new labelization request.

Stars are attributed for each area

*** : very satisfying quality level.

** : satisfying quality level yet some aspects may be improved.

* : acceptable quality level but the problematic aspects must be improved.