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Why New-Zealand ?

New Zealand is a country with wild landscapes,  crystallin rivers, enormous glaciers just a step away from the beach,  turquoise blue waters,  immense and green forests, but also a mixe between a fascinating culture and modern urban architecture.

New Zealand is located at 2 000 km east of Australia. It is two main islands: the island of the North (the most populated, with volcanoes and with subtropical forests) and the island of the South (where peak the Alps of the South with their glaciers and snowy peaks). The quality of life is among the best in the world and the unemployment rate is very low.

New Zealand has 4,5 million inhabitants in 2016 nicknamed "Kiwis" in reference to this small bird you will find only in New Zealand. The density of the population is very low compared to its surface, which will give you an incredible living environment!

Thanks to its 15.000 km of coast, New Zealand offers beautiful ballads, immense beaches for surfing and wonderful sunsets and won the reputation of the vastest outdoor ground in the world, especially for the extreme sports!


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Infos sur la Nouvelle Zélande

Regarding the educational systeml, New Zealand has quality teaching methods, developed and flexible academic programms, an outstanding support and an international recognition for their diplomas if you wish to stay over there after your English courses.

New Zealand, just like Australia is a country of future, reassuring, modern, relaxed and dynamic. You will evolve in a rich multicultural society  where Kiwis, Maori and other immigrants share peacefully their lifestyles, and especially their love for Rugby and All Blacks.

Just like Australia once again, quality of life is one the best in the world according to several international polls: reasonable cost of living, not much pollution, parks and public facilities opened to all, modern and accessible  infrastructures to all, respect for the others, low stress …

New Zealand economy is growing fast and can offers you real opportunities of career if you wish to stay afterward.

You will have the opportunity to discover a rich, unique  and wild nature everywhere in New Zealand, without spending hours in planes, the distances being more reasonable than in Australia for example:).



As for Australia, there are many visas for New Zealand, here are the main one for your Linguistic stay:

  • Tourist Visa : For French people you will need a valid passport and valid for at least 3 months after the entry date on the territory for a stay for at least 3 months, with a return flight ticket and a minimum funds for your stay (1 000$NZ/month or 500$NZ/month if you are already accommodated)
  • The working holiday visa : French people between 18 and 30 years old can apply for the working holiday visa (105€) to do their linguistic stay in New-Zealand. A work authorization of 12 months is delivered par the immigration department once they arrive. You can also study for 12 months.
  • The Student visa : is essential to study long time in New-Zealand, except if your studies do not exceed 3 months.

    To get the student visa in New-Zealand you need to :

    • Get an acceptence letter from a school in NZ. (Once we have enrolled you in a school, we will provide you this letter to be able to apply for your visa)
    • Have enough funds. (at least NZ$1000/month or at least NZ$10 000 for a year.) Those financial requirements can be lowered if accommodation is offered or free or included in the tuition fees.
    • Have a valid passport for more then 3 months after the end date of your courses
    • Have a proof that you will leave NZ once your courses are over. (return flight ticket or enough money to pay the return)
    • Medical exams can be asked.

    Visas fees are around 158 euros

    This student visa allow you to work up to 20h/week maximum during your studies and full time during Christmas holidays under conditions.

    To apply for the student visa in NZ you need to fill the form INZ1012 and send it to  New Zealand Visa Application Centre in London.  Hello Study France is here to help you out with that.

If you decide to go live your adventure in NZ, we will give our best to help you !