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Why Malta ?

The sunny island of Malta, slightly in the South of Sicily, is the ideal place to learn English in a unique cultural environment! Malta is the smallest states of the European Union and its archipelago consists of 8 islands, among which 4 are inhabited. It quickly became, during the last few years, a great destination  for those willing to to do a linguistic stay.

Indeed, Malta was a part of the British empire during more than 160 years, and English is always the official language with the Maltese, naturally. To learn or to perfect your English in this context is an incomparable way of experimenting the language learning!

Many French people like to go to London to learn English, and it is comprehensive, because London is close from our home and has undeniable qualities as you can see  in our section on England. But, why not also learning English in a heavenly place , warm and brightened up all year long?:)

Malta is a destination which attracts more and more students for its beaches, its night-life, particularly noisy in summer, and also for its shopping.

The difference between courses in London and in Malta? The price! They are less expensive and more attractive on the small island:)

Here are 10 good reasons for studying in Malta:

  1. An incredible weather: 300 days of sun a year!
  2. An excellent value for money
  3. Very long summers: from April to October! (And very soft winters !)
  4. The closeness with France, indeed, you can learn English under the sun in the US and/or Australia, but it is a little bit further:)
  5. Parties! Every year, tourists from all over the world come to party there. There are streets dedicated in bars and nightclubs!
  6. The Gozo island : the younger sister of Malta, restful and magnificent!
  7. An historical island! The island is also known for its history. Malta is filled with historic sites to be visited!
  8. Diving and water sports: discover the submarine marvels of Malta in a turquoise blue and hot water!
  9. Understandable English. English of Malta is slow and articulated, a good way to learn english for beginners!
  10. Offers for all of you, from 7 to 77 years old! We have offers for everyone.

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For us French citizens of the EU, we do not need a visa for a linguistic stay for less than 3-month. After three months here is what you need to do:

It will be necessary to supply those information and those necessary documents: the Maltese embassy will ignore the incomplete requests. Here is a list of the documents  you will need:

  • Your completed request form,
  • A valid Passport,
  • Two identical color photos of passport of less than six months, in the size asked by the embassy,
  • Mail of your university/school stipulating your student's status,
  • Proof of travel insurance covering the duration of your stay. The insurance company will give you a certificate to join with your request.
  • Proof of planned stay (reservations of flights, ferries, trains). The Maltese embassy insists so that your stay is already booked before making the visa application.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient financial means. You will have to arrange 30€ a day. You will need your statements of bank and pay slips of the last three months, or traveler's check with the required amount proving your financial resources.
  • Visas Schengen ask for set-up fees. Because the amount can vary, it is better to verify with the Maltese embassy so that it confirms the amount and the method of payment. This information is available on the web site of the embassy.
  • An envelope with your address to allow the embassy to send back you your passport or your documents when a decision is taken.
  • Photocopies of all the supplied documents (send at the same time originals and photocopies).

To learn English under the sun, close to France, while partying and and discovering magnificent landscapes, feel freeto contact us! We shall organize your linguistic stay with you!