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Why the UK ?

Every year, around 600 000 international students come to the UK to improve their English. There is no better place for us, French people than studying English in the UK. A country full of history, the house of Shakespeare and the Royal family, as well as one of the countries of the world the most cosmopolitain and constantly moving... Studying in the UK will make you live a unique experience.

Furthermore, the English education system is highly recognized all over the world! Once your ended linguistic stay, nothing prevents you from continuing your studies over there and the acquisition of a British upper diploma is a real asset in the worldwild workplace!  These Universities ask for certain level in English to reach, but no concerns, our language schools will prepare you in the best conditions to obtain the sufficient score  for the IELTS or the Cambridge, both necessary certificates to go into British Universities ! Contact us for more information!

Other important points to know!

  1. An attractive British culture
  2. The proximity between France and England which can allow you to make the trip easily!
  3. Art galleries, museums such as " Natural History Museum and the historic architecture"
  4. The UK is the center of the world for theaters and music.
  5. A magnificent country with its forests, , its mountains, its countryside and its famous " River Thames " as well as its coast!
  6. Nights out which never end!
  7. The Royal Family
  8. The history
  9. The shopping and its unique stores, such as "Harrods" and others!
  10. A very low level of criminality!
  11. Unique flavors in term of specialized cooking!

Studying in the UK thanks to Hello Study, it's  learning English in the country of origin of the English language, in recognized institutions and accredited by the British Council! it is also discovering a new culture and even new cultures by the diversity of international students living overthere!



The English educational institutions have a rich history and a tradition to deliver a world class education to their students. Oxford and Cambridge are known and famous all over the world thanks to their high-quality courses and excellent professors. You can find literally any type of courses you want in England.


In the global economy of today, you need specific skills and qualities to be able to succeed in your industry. The employers want high-quality employees with specific and technical competences , including critical and creative skills. They also want people with very good English - what better than to learn English in the country of origin of the language? Thanks to Hello Study, give more importance to your CV by leaving to study English in total immersion and why not to study at the University afterward.

You will be encouraged to read, to think independently, to question yourself and to analyze what you read. Do you know that the English scientists won almost 100 Nobel prizes? Very few countries can aspire to this level of fulfillment. People who study the art, the fashion, the movie, the TV and the design of video game are considered among the best of the world.

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England is one of the most popular countries to travel and study.

The cost of living is rather reasonable in England. Obviously, if you live in the center of a city as London, it will cost you a little bit more, but as a general rule, the costs are reasonable.

The cost of living also includes the Healthe Care, and it is not something  you should worry too much! Indeed, England is one of country which has a Health Care system among the best, which is going to reduce your global cost .

England has also a unique culture.

Hundreds of thousand families of everywhere around the world decided to come to settle down in England, which gives the country this rich and multicultural aspect  Every year, more than 200 000 students decide to come  study in England. You will meet a lot of people from all over the world, and your experience will be even richer because of the interaction with various people from different countries. You will have a new opinion and a different approach on the other countries of the world and will learn much more that the only culture of the country in which you will live.

If you decide to leave and study in England, you will never be fed up! There is always something new to do and new people to meet!



For us French people, there is no visa needed because England is a part of Europe. And no concerns! Even if England decided to go out of Europe, the complete procedure will take at least 2 to  3 years! Thus no problem for our future students in English at the moment!

If you wish to say hello to the Queen, do not hesitate to contact us !