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Why Australia ?

Our linguistic stays in Australia will enable you to live your dream in the country endless white sand beaches, in the incredible climate and to live in a "relax" context.

You will learn English by discovering a new life of other side of the Pacific where the population, the economy, and  opportunities are growing. Many people say that Australia today is like the United States 50 years ago, full of enthusiasm and opportunities, but in an immense country which counts only 20 million inhabitants and famous for the big diversity and the wealth of its landscapes, its fauna and its flora.

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and the other Australian cities have an European / American lifestyle in which  you will find a multitude of offers and services as well as  work and a lot of fun! The quality of life is even better thanks to a density of a much lower population, a non-existent pollution and modern infrastructures.

Between its kilometers of endless beaches, the steep mountains, the luxuriant forests and its desert with incredible colores, this quite unique "island" will make you discover all the wonders of nature. Not to mention the turquoise blue water and the marvel that is the Great Barrier Reef!

Koalas, kangarooes, dolphins, dingoes.... you will meet animal species which you always wanted to see!

Also discover the fascinating aboriginal culture and all its traditions that go with it!

The Australian society is also very multicultural, young and open. The average age is 37 years. All these people from all over the world, who come in Australia, share and participate in the development of a quite new nation and a new lifestyle.

Australia may not has a real history and past, but has certainly one very bright future!

And yes! A linguistic stay in Australia it is not only learning English, it's also meeting people and discovering new adventures for a new life!!!


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 Information about Australia

Work market and Australian economy

The Australian economy is a real success since a few decades. Most of people can be seen as middle classes. The working opportunities are opened to everybody. The unemployment rate is very low and there is numerous opportunities of jobs in part time contract or short term contract in most of the available cities for international people like you! Salaries are one of the highest in the world!

Multicultural society

Australia has an extremely multicultural population. Australian History made a mass immigration with people from all over the wordl! Today, 1 Australian out of 4 is born abroad, and this ratio continues to increase.

The word "foreign"  almost does not exist anymore! That is why if you speak good English, and are motivated, you can easily find a job!


Visas for your language study holiday

There are many visas for Australia, which depend on your nationality, age, and on your goals over there.

But here are the main one for your linguistic stay:

  • Visa Vacancy work: It is valid for a duration of 1 year renewable once. You have to be less than 31 years old and be part of one of the countries affiliated to this visa. You are lucky, France is a part of it! (See here list of countries)
  • Student visa: you have to enrol in courses which are registered CRICOS. The duration of the visa depends on the duration of your courses. Contact us for more information.
  • The tourist visa: allows you to come in Australia as a tourist. You can study but not work. it's  duration is from 3 to 6 months;


Health insurance

The health insurance is very important for Australia and is often big problem for most of you.

The health insurance depends on the type of visa you will choose.

  • Working Holiday visa : It is guaranteed for the first 6 months. After that you will have to pay to renew. During your first 6 months of the stay you can obtain a medical card by presenting your passport and your visa in a "medicare" office 
  • Student visa: the holders of a student visa will have to apply for an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the total duration of the stay. If you renew your visa, you will have to renew also the insurance. The OSHC is not so expensive: it's monthly cost can be paid off with working a few hours:).
  • The tourist visa: the insurance is included in the visa (until 3 months)

The standard health insurance supplies a medical protection for public hospitals , for state-subsidized medicine and participate (on a certain amount) in the private medical care. It does not cover the dental costs, certain items for eyes as sunglasses or contact lenses  etc. ... nor any paramedical assistance. These services can be covered by extra one insurance.

In certain cases, you have to anticipate the cost of the service (Like at the doctor) and then to demand a refund to the insurance company. Warning: the refunds are calculated on standard rates, that means that if you pay more than planned for a service, you will have only the standard refund of the Australian government for this service.

The insurance covers only the Australian territory.

Our services include the assistance on the procedure of request for your medical care. Our agency will help you manage with the administrative and will help you to get the medical care in time.


Climate and time zone

 Australia Climate Map

The climate in Australia can easily vary from a place to another, although in summer, it is warm everywhere!

Australia is a continent essentially arid. There is less of 600 milimeter of rainfall on 80 % of the country a year and less of 300 on 50 % of the country.

Most of the country receive 3000 a hour of sun a year.

Australia is of course in the southern hemisphere, thus the seasons are inverted with  those of France, That means that you will spend Christmas under the sun with a huge  heat! Indeed, summers in the southern hemisphere are often much more warmly than those in the northern hemisphere.


Seasons in Australia:

Summer December to february

Autumn: March to may

Winter: June to August

Spring: September to November

Australia is divided in different states as you can see on the map below. Here is a little description of the climate in each of them:

News South Wales : The climate is variable and goes from a mediterranean weither rather warm in Sydney, to a stifling and dry heat in the bush in the north part of the state.

Victoria : The climate is also pretty variable despite it's small size but the south part of Victoria tends often to be a little bit colder and more humid.

Queensland :  This states is very big and the climate can be very hot and humid from the tropical coasts in the north to the high plateau in the south east of the states where the snow can appear.

South Australia : Vary from a climate avaregely humid in the South East coast part and on the mont Lofty Range to a very warm and dry climate inside the state

Western Australia : is one of the most diversified state regarding the climate because of it's size.

Tasmania : is a tempered maritime state with 4 disctint seasons. From warm summers to thunderstormes in winter...

ACT and Canberra : is relatively dry with different seasons and daily changing temperatures

Northen Territory : is divided in 2 zones, the tropical North which include Darwin, and the desert in central Australia