Hello Study France also suggests to the French people to do their Linguistic stay in English all over the world.

All our international partner schools are accredited and certified.

Some information the courses:

  • Week courses
  • From 7 to 77 years
  • Evaluation test on the first day  to find you a class of the same level as yours
  • 12 people by class
  • International classes
  • Playful Courses
  • High tech equipment
  • Lounge bar/cafeteria
  • Cultural and sports activities


All teachers are State-certified and every school develops its own structure of internal education.

Here is an overview of the types of court course that you can do:

Preparation for the IELTS / TOIEC / TOEFL / GMAT
General English
Business English
Specific Industry english course
Study and Work Experience
International School Year ( ISY)
Academic English
University Pathway Service
Multicenter Course
Combined Courses
Adventure Programmes
Mini Group


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Here is an overview of cities and countries where you can go with Hello Study:


- London, UK

- Brighton, UK

- Cambridge, UK

- Oxford, UK

- Bristol, UK

- Manchester, UK

- New York, US

- Boston, US

- San Diego, US

- Los Angeles, US


- San Fransisco / Berkeley, US

- Miami, US

- Washington, US

- Toronto, CA

- Vancouver, CA

- Montreal, CA

- Auckland, NZ

- Malta

- Brisbane, AU

- Cape Town, SA


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Our services for your international linguistic stay :

Information  advice on the country you go

Access and advice on international english education

 Enrolment in the school of your choice after discussing with you on your project and your destination

Advice and help to be eligible for your visa

Assistance with accomodation

Assistance swith health insurance

Assistance on bank account opening

Airport transfert

Access to discount on linguistic stay in schools all year long

  Flight ticket

 And much more....


Here are some points to take into account when you choose you language program :

  1. Think of which kind of program you wish to study.
  2. Think of your budget in term of tuition fees, accommodation, meals, activities, books, etc.
  3. Where do you wish to study? In a big city, a town, in a bedroom suburb, close to the family, in a particular place of the country? Is the climate important for you?
  4. Make sure to know how much  hours a week you want to study in class.
  5. Try to know if  teachers are professionals, certified and experienced in the linguistic instruction.
  6. What is the average number of english student in class? Ideally, the classes contain between 10 and 15 students.
  7. At what dates is the program offered? Do these dates correspond to your timetable?
  8. What possibilities of housing are available? Will the program take all the capacities to accommodate you, or they are going to help you find an accommodation?
  9. Where do you go to live? In a dormitory? In a host family? In a hotel or an apartment? At what distance of your accommodation is the school?
  10. What are the means of transportation to get you to school? How much is it going to cost and how long is the trip?
  11. What about meals, and how much they will cost?
  12. What services does the school offer regarding the reception at the airport, the councillors for the international students, the orientation, the bank, the health, the help service?
  13. What extraschool activities are proposed?
  14. Is the establishment accredited?
Whether you want to organize your linguistic stay with a group of friend or solo , Hello Study will always be there for you and will help you like real trip mates !
You will discover in this section the different countries you go with us with some pics and descriptions of them. JUST PICK YOUR DESTINATION !

Tell us about your project and we will help you before your departure and during your stay. Our services are free and you will enjoy discount on our school's courses all year long !