In the world today, speaking only one foreign language is not enough. Indeed, the world's rich diversity is due precisely to the fact that points of view can be expressed in different languages.

This is how French, which is the second language learned after English, comes naturally on centre stage as language of the Enlightenment and of course of the Human Rights.

Furthermore, study overseas and learning French remains a considerable asset for a professional career or to find a job in one of the many international and French-speaking firms that France can count on as the fifth world trading power ( automobile, luxury, aeronautics).

Moreover French is the language of international relationships as it is the official language of the UNO, UNESCO, NATO, CIO or The Red Cross, which makes it an obvious starting point to open up to the world.

To conclude with, study overseas, speaking French and take french immersion courses can turn out to be a determining factor to carry on with your studies in one of the famous great schools France offers like La Sorbonne, HEC or Polytechnique.