Oceanic, continental, in the mountains or on the Mediterranean coast, France globally enjoys a temperate climate and changes from West to East and mainly from the North to the South of the Loire (River).

All year round France has a mild climate : neither too hot nor too cold. Plenty of rainfall and sunshine. Each region has of course its specific climate: cool and wet in the North and the West; drier and hotter around the Mediterranean coast.

In winter, snow falls on the mountain ranges (Alps, Pyrennees, Massif Central) for amateurs of winter sports to enjoy. Scarce snow in the plains, it mainly snows North of the Loire and hardly in Paris. Days get longer, it's time for walks in the countryside, as well as cocktails at the terrace of outdoor cafés.

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In spring, the thermometer jumps rapidly to 20°C/ 68° F in the South. In Nice or Cannes sunbathers can be seen. Starting in May all of France is going out with T-shirts.


Summer is warm and calm. The sun shines throughout the country. There is sun for everybody's taste: often30°C/ 86°F in Ajaccio or Marseille, closer to 25°C/ 77°F in Brest or Deauville. Skins are tanning and the beaches are filling up. It's time for hiking in the mountains and strolls to discover the different regions of France.

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Autumn rings with the return of rain, the weather gets cooler as we come closer to Christmas. Throughout the country trees display new colors. Strollers dress warmer and days get shorter.