Thanks to Hello Study, our french fellow compartiots can also study overseas and learn a new language, explore new cities and new countries as well as build up a strong new international network.

Thanks to our international qualitity language schools network, your progress when you study overseas are guaranteed by qualified and experienced teachers, innovative tools, a deep cultural immersion, flexible playful and interactive courses in small groups with people from all over the world !

Whether it is the first time you study overseas or that you are a real globe trotter, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience !

Regarding the rest of your stay, accomodation, visa, airport, food, health care insurance etc... Those aspects will be manage by our schools and us in collaboration, to enable you to have a nice stay and remain focus only on your courses when you study overseas.

Come to speak to us about your personal or professional project by telling us about your date, destination, the intensity and type of course choosen. We will check for you the best suitable options.

Our language schools also propose different cultural activites to discover the most of the city you are in and to exchange more in english for  better progress.

English courses are divided into different levels as explained in the table below :


A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Beginner Elementary Intermediate Upper intermediate Advanced Upper advanced
No knwoledge or very few Use of sentences and basic expressions Good understanding of situations but limited creativity Confortable with common subjects but limited nuances of style Very confortable to exchange and to understand texts Communication almost equal to an interlocutor of mother tongue

IELTS : 1-2

TOEFL : 0-18

TOEIC : 120-220

IELTS : 2.5-3.5

TOEFL : 19-56

TOEIC : 225-545

IELTS : 4-5

TOEFL : 57-86

TOEIC : 550-780

IELTS : 5.5-6.5

TOEFL : 87-109

TOEIC : 785-940

IELTS : 7-8

TOEFL : 110-118

TOEIC : 945+


TOEFL : 119-120

TOEIC : 945+


We guarantee you to go to the upper level between 4 and 8 weeks. Our language schools propose you an entry test to estimate your level to propose you the best course in an adapted class.

Courses start every mondays, you just have to pick your date !

Once you finish your english courses, you will have the possibility to take tests and diplomas in english to evaluate your output level and, according to your project, to give you access to professional and academic international possibilities.

Here is a summary of tests and courses proposed by our language schools :


Study overseas the General  English :

Courses are per week, you just have to to pick the number of weeks you would like to study. Knowing that to go to the upper level (see table below) you will need an average of 6 weeks studies.

Courses are focus on general english and common english daily life and on concrete situations to improve your written and oral understanding.


Study overseas the Cambridge preparation test Cambridge


Only intermediate and advanced levels can take this course.

Preparation courses to the final exam last between 8 and 12 weeks and are very intenses.

Cambridge english guarantee qualifications for students in the english language within the framework of the Cambridge University.

The certificate is used to have access to universities admissions, office immigration and for some employers in most Anglo-saxons countries.

There is 3 types of Cambridge certificates :


Cambridge first certificate of English (FCE) B2/C1/C2 Confirm a strong master of English written and spoken for professional or academic purposes
Cambridge certificate of advanced English (CAE) C1/C2 Prove a good English academic and professional level to be used to apply for universities and student visas in particular for the UK and Australia
Cambridge certificate of proficiency English (CPE) C2 Most advanced certificate to prove your level

Study overseas the TOEFL preparation test   Toefl

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language evaluate your capability to use english in the academic environment. Being successful at this test is a condition to be able to join more than 6000 universities in the world. The level is intermediate to advanced. Preparation to this test is at least 4 weeks.

  • Student willing to pursue their studies in a higher education establishment
  • Admissions to the program of English learning and final examinations
  • Candidates for scholarships and certificates
  • Students in english language willing to evaluate their progress
  • Students and workers for a visa application


Skill  Interval of notationLevel
Reading 0–30 High (22 à 30)
Intermediate (15 à 21)
Low(0 à 14)
Listening 0–30 High (22 à 30)
Intermediate (15 à 21)
Low (0 à 14)
Speaking Scores between 0 and 30 Good (26 à 30)
Average(18 à 25)
Limited (10 à 17)
low(0 à 9)
Writing Scores between 0 and 30 Good (24 à 30)
Average(17 à 23)
Limited1 à 16)
total score


Study overseas the TOEIC Preparation test Toeic

The Test of English for International Communication estimates english used in a professional environment. Companies use it to determine if the future employee has the required level to evolve in their envirement. This test is noted on 990 and contains 2 parts of 100 questions with multiple choices, understanding oral (45min) and written understanding (75min)

Study overseas the IELTS preparation test Ielts

The International English Language Testing System is accepted by more than 9000 academic, professsional and governmental organizations.

Sections Number of questions Type of questions Duration
Oral understanding 40 questions Questions about the Society / education problems 40 min
Written understanding 40 questions Texts from magazines, books, newspaper. Some questions are before the text, some after; it depends on the nature of the question. 60 min
Written expression 1 topic 2 texts to write regarding the topic 60 min
Oral expression Individual interview Elaborate responses in form of redactions and defend an opinion 15 min
Total exam duration     About 3h30

The notation is from 1 to 9.

Levels B2 to C2 are accepted to those courses.

Study overseas the Business english :

Those courses are important for you to get technical competencies to master english in a professional environment. Courses revolve around study cases and real situation. Level intermediate are accepted for this course. As for the general english, you just have to pick the number of weeks you would like to take.

Come tell us about your project. We are here to listen to you for more information or question regarding your project.