1) Can we access your services before coming to France?

Of course once you have subscribed to the Hello Study Club , we will be able to advise you and exchange with you to precisely prepare your trip in the best conditions.
As soon as you arrive, we will assist you and help you with all the procedures and we will advise you throughout your stay in France until your departure.

2) What shall I do to come and study with the help of Hello Study?

C’est simple ! Choisi ta destination en France, puis l’école et le type de cours que souhaite effectuer. Une fois inscrit, nous te donnons ensuite ton numéro étudiant qui te permettra d’obtenir ton visa étudiant.
It is rather simple! Choose your destination in France, then the school and the type of classes you want to attend. Once you have subscribed we will give you your student number that will allow you to get your student visa.

3) Why go through our agency?

Because making a reservation through an agency will allow you to benefit from a better service closeby as well as to have a personalized service at better rates under specific conditions.
All the information needed is on our website!
Morever making a reservation through an agency will enhance your credibility towards the school unlike a student subscribing directly over there.
By making a reservation with us , you will be certain not to pay more than what was planned with the school.
When you make a reservation for a trip with an agency, make sure you will pay the school's initial price. We are totally clear in this matter.

With Hello Study you will be provided with all the advice and services about life in France that the school cannot offer. You will access different services and participate in all the Hello Study events.
Once you have subscribed if you want to change something , may it be the place of your stay, the school, housing or classes, we will be there to take care of it.
Without this personalized assistance you might rapidly feel lost.
By making a reservation with us you will make sure to benefit from our help at any time and we will give priority to your needs towards the schools to be taken care of thanks to our close relationships with them.