1) Introduction

Hello Study France (HSF) recognizes the importance of confidentiality and is committed to the protection of your personnal information, in agreement with the French legal principles..

The word "you" includes visitors on our website as well as "HSF" students and clients of our services. The goal of this confidentiality segment aims at informing you on the following :

  • your personnal information collected by HSF
  • how the information is used
  • with whom this information can be used
  • which security measures are implemented to protect against loss or misuse of your personnal information
  • how to contact HSF

This confidentiality segment applies to any and all information that you supply us :

  • when you visit our site www.hello-study-france.com
  • when you make an agreement with HSF and/or a third party
  • when you are corresponding and/or communicating with HSF by telephone and/or any other means of communication including social media, emails, live chat and letters.

2) How we collect information

HSF may collect your personnal information when you visit our website and wish to be contacted by us, when you register as HSF student, when you enter into contract with HSF and when you are exchanging or communicating with HSF by any means of communication as mentionned above.

HSF may also collect your personnal information through different education organisms we work with as well as other third parties we are in contact with.

3) How we use your personnal information

HSF may use your information for the following purposes :

  • for communicating with you, including thank-you emails and/or Newsletters
  • for facilitating and improving the contract process between you and HSF and/or a third party
  • for conducting marketing activities
  • for providing easier access to information on our services/products and activities

4) Disclosure of personnal information to third parties

HSF recognizes your confidentiality and your private life, and shuns the practice of spamming.

HSF guarantees that your personnal information will never be given to others.

By giving your information to HSF you automatically accept that we will contact you and that we will retain your data. But we will never give it to others, and it will be safely stored

5) Contact us if you have any doubts

If you are worried about your confidentiality and any personnal details that we retain, don't hesitate to contact us.