Business French courses

You are looking for success and autonomy in a professional environment; go for French Business courses to deepen you linguistic skills through French language specific tools in a professional area.

French courses in Gastronomy

You want to acquire French skills in the gastronomy field and enjoy at the maximum the quality of “made in France” culinary specialties, come take gastronomy French lessons!

French Courses in Oenology

You are a Wine enthusiast and wish to discover what makes French wine one of the best of the world. Come Enjoy French courses in the oenology field in a full immersion in the originals French regions!

French courses in Fashion

You are a real passionate about Fashion and want to enjoy the worldwide French reputation in Fashion design by its Local brands, come enjoy and improve your cultural knowledge revolving around this industry.

French courses in the tourism field as well as Hotel-restaurant industry

You would like to apply for a job in the tourism and hotel field in a francophone company, come improve your vocabulary and knowledge in this field by enrolling in the French tourism lessons.


Feel free to tell us about your project and we will check the best courses for you !