Dear French friends, Don’t be jealous, Let’s go study overseas as well with Hello-study !

We propose you a support and free advices to leave abroad and learn English thanks to our international network and our promotional price lists.

We find you the school and the course adapted to your project and budget in the country and the city you wish.

Indeed, English is from now on essential to build itself a personal and professional network to evolve in a more and more international world.

Most of the students choose first of all General English to build itself solid bases in grammar and vocabulary on the daily life.

It is then interesting to specialize in Business English for your professional future or to prepare for the tests and the exams such as the IELTS, Cambridge TOEFL or TOEIC if you wish to integrate a foreign University for example.

= > everything depends on your project which is professional, or university.

Our objective thus is to understand well your project by exchanging with you to find you the best possible options for you.

Come to speak to us about your project and let's go study overeas !