French language is one of the most appreciated in the world, and the French- speaking world ranks as the 6th geopolitical area by its population.
In our country, the number of students in French language schools has incidentally increased from 8 % a few years ago to presently more than 25%.
At this very moment more than 50 million people, like you will be doing soon, are learning French throughout the world! Today, 230 million people speak French among 37 French -speaking countries.


Acquiring a good  level in French in the course of your adventure in our country will enable you to build up a very strong business social and friend network.
In order to help you along this path Hello Study will take care of finding you the best french immersion courses according to your level, your needs, your wishes and of course your budget!
Our knowledge of the French territory and the general dynamics of our country, all the french language schools in France scattered throughout the land together with our knowledge of the different available french courses give us first-hand advice in the choice of your classes, in the best possible conditions and at the best prices!

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The main classes the students are liable to choose with Hello Study and our network of french language schools are usually the general purpose French classes.
However other more specialized classes are available in our french language school partners according to your needs, such as : professional French, business French, gastronomy French, medical French, legal French and tourism French, etc...
And for those of you who feel prompted to higher aims there are different French diplomas that will open the door to great professional opportunities in our country and beyond that will make your dreams come true!


All you have to do is contact us here for information on the different sorts of french courses, their duration and location, and we will provide a proper solution.

We will also assist you in every administrative procedure with the different services as well as advise you and we will answer to all your questions regarding France or French language schools in France so that we can make your French linguistic stay a frank success!

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